Genel, Sokak Modası



Hi Folks! It’s been a long time since I shared on my blog. Regrettably, I’m gonna pretend chaos of my student life again haha! 🙂 Anyway, let’s get down to business! I’ve been so many vintage store to find the things that I’ll really like. Later on, my dear friend Burak, suggested me a vintage store and I followed them despondently on Instagram. What the hell is that; the store was exactly what I’m looking for all this time!! As restless habit of mine, I got there in no time flat. Then, I was lost with the vintage leather jackets, slacks, furs, vests, shirts..

Click to explore ”@donemkostumleri ”!

2017_03_05_11_27_26I’ve decided to make a french country combination with this look while I’m mixing french souled hat and sunnies with a suede western vest and boho pants. Ohh! by the way, for the first time I feel like so comfortable myself anyhow I weared huge chopines.. Please don’t be shy from the eyes and try to wear them with contrarian socks. It not only makes you put on the ritz but also they’ll ease you. 😉






Hoping to see you soon guys! xx

 Photography by Akın Ak

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